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Yoga and Chiropractic

Lady doing yogaThe essence of chiropractic is based on the fact that nerve impulses (mental), also called vital energy, created in the brain cells; must travel unimpeded along the spinal cord and nerves in order to allow each cell and organ of your body to perform their specific function properly.

The essence of yoga rests on the predominance of global energy encompassing mental, vital and physical levels. The system connecting these three levels of the human body is the nervous system. It comprises the brain, spinal cord and nerves that run through all parts of the body. The second major element of yoga is the subtle energy system composed of channels (called nadis) and the energy centres called chakras. Inside and along these chakras flows the vital energy (mental nerve impulses) also called prana (life force). The goal of chiropractic is to allow our nerve impulses (vital energy) free circulation along all our nerves in order to optimise the functions of our glandular system (pituitary, thyroid, pancreas and adrenals).

Sharing the Same Philosophy

With his expertise, the chiropractor corrects the levels of the spinal column causing blockages or interfering with the transmission of the vital energy (prana). The practice of yoga shares the same philosophy as chiropractic; however, the chiropractic approach aims to achieve the proper control of posture in order to free energy ‘knots’. It seeks to re-establish the current of vital energy through the nerves and spinal cord. This vital energy current (nervous impulses), when transmitted unhindered along the spinal cord and nerves, allows the optimal expression of the hormonal system, which drives our metabolism.

When combined together, yoga and chiropractic establish a higher mental, emotional, vital and physical equilibrium, helping us cope with the epidemic of stress that our occidental culture is bursting with. Regular yoga practice alongside life-optimising chiropractic care gives us the capacity to achieve our best possible vital energy level (prana, nerve impulses), so that we adapt better to our living environment. The expression ‘Balance body and spirit’ takes its full meaning here. Proper transmission of vital energy (prana, nerve impulses) can be attained and maintained throughout life by the combined regular practice of chiropractic and yoga.

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