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Cervical Arthrosis

A Chronic Disease that Requires Immediate Chiropractic Care

Patient ayant douleur au couIf you suspect you might suffer from cervical arthrosis, it is important that you consult your chiropractor immediately. It’s a degenerative cartilage disease that can deteriorate rapidly if no treatment is administered.

Definition and Symptoms of Cervical Arthrosis (degeneration)

Definition: Arthrosis is a premature aging of the articular cartilage. It is a chronic disease which progresses over the course of many years. When present in the neck area, Arthrosis produces the following symptoms::

  • Stiffness in the neck upon waking up or at the end of the day
  • Difficulty in moving your head;
  • Stiffness and pain have a tendency to persist for longer periods during daytime ;
  • Pain can radiate along the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers with numbness and/or a tingling sensation;
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches and migraine;
  • Stiff neck without known causes

Chiropractic Treatment of Neck Arthrosis

Chiropractic care can slow down the progression of neck arthrosis, even though it is not possible to regenerate bone cartilage in the medium term. The chiropractor aims at improving the followings:

  • Increase spinal column mobility and ease the stress on cartilage and tissues attached to it. This reduces mechanical stress on the neck vertebra.
  • Reducing muscle spasm and fascias fibrosis with manual care in order to decrease inter-vertebral pressure, muscular pain and ameliorate the mobility of the neck;
  • Enhance the passive mobility of the vertebra through controlled movement in order to prevent future complications;
  • Prescribing specific stretching movements in order to maintain tissue elasticity

Chiropractic care for Neck Arthrosis provides the following benefits:

  • Reduction in pain
  • Reduction in stiffness
  • Improvement in neck mobility
  • Decrease in frequency and intensity of spasm
  • Decrease in numbness and/or tingling in arms, hands and fingers

Recommendations in order to slow down Neck Arthrosis

The following are to be removed from your daily routine:

  • Not moving regularly: Joints are nourished when you move them. You must maintain an active lifestyle. Lack of motion and sedentary living are a terrible combination;
  • Sleeping on the stomach: When someone sleeps on their stomach, the neck is in an unbalanced rotation and this causes stress on the vertebra. This pressure is even worse if the sleeping position on the stomach is combined with the use of a pillow under the head;
  • Bad posture at work: Working position on the computer is amongst the most common causes of Progressive Neck Arthrosis;
  • Doing nothing: If you feel the symptoms of Arthrosis, you should immediately seek chiropractic care. In fact, preventive chiropractic should be used before neck arthrosis appears, as it might help to delay the process for years to come.

What you should do to slow down the progression of Neck Arthrosis?

  • Physical exercise: Any activity promoting motion is beneficial for your overall health, including your neck. Amongst the safest activities, we recommend aqua fitness, treadmill, cycling and fast walking.
  • Frequent stretching: Muscles and fascias under degenerated bone tend to shrink and become fibrotic with the passage of time. Stretching exercises that focus on the neck area can help you maintain optimum elasticity well into your senior years.
  • Proper hydration:Stay well hydrated (drink 2 to 3 500 ml water bottles per day) maintains the correct metabolic function and helps nourish the inter-vertebral discs in the neck region.
  • Regular monthly chiropractic care:According to latest research, regular chiropractic care is the safest, most effective, and least costly of all professional intervention for Neck Arthrosis.

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