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Family Chiropractic

Smiling Family OutdoorsA three year old boy plays with his tricycle in his front yard. Little Jean-François cycles as fast as he can. Suddenly, he loses control and falls flat on the ground. Without anyone noticing it, the fall has caused a vertebral misalignment in his neck (misalignment of a vertebra causing pressure on nerves). In his case, the nerve pressure blocks the electrical impulses in his stomach. A few days later, Jean-François complains of stomach aches to his mother. As months go by, he mentions to his mom that he has difficulty digesting certain foods such as leafy vegetables, pizza and spices. With time, he mentions that he likes these foods but they don’t like him. As the years go by these stomach aches necessitate that he uses over the counter medication following his medical diagnosis of stomach ulcer. A surgery is required and he will have to be careful of everything in his diet for the rest of his life!

Millions of people like Jean-François develop chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Most of them will be subjected to a life with daily medicine and all the side effects that come with them. Jean-François is now in his mid thirties and a friend suggests that he consults with a chiropractor. “A chiropractor! I was under the impression that it is for back pain only,” he says. The chiropractor analyses Jean-François’ spine and finds a misalignment in his neck. He starts an intensive care treatment and within months, Jean can reduce his medication. This situation makes him aware that it would be a good idea to get his two children and wife examined by the chiropractor.

The entire family is now under professional healthcare that regulates their electrical currents and streamlines the free flow of energy from their brain cells to all organs of the body. They are now part of what is called ‘optimisation of family health potential’.

The spine is unfortunately not as visible as our teeth. Just as we would not wait to be 30-year old before our first dental appointment, the same applies to the structure (spine), which is responsible for the functioning of the nervous system!


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