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Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue

Two Hands HoldingA majority of victims of fibromyalgia are reluctant to consider the option of chiropractic because they have already tried almost everything without success.
The reasons for chronic fatigue could be associated to the fact that the person treating them did not explain the role of joints and nerves in their causing their condition.

Chiropractic care improves the mobility of the articulations in order to restore vertebrae alignment.

“What is the relation between the vertebrae and the muscles?” you might wonder.

When the vertebrae are misaligned, the attached ligaments are affected, causing pain and instability. The muscles are under a spasm (tensed) and develop into knots. The muscular function is directly affected by normal nourishment of the nerves and adequate movement of the vertebrae. Even though chiropractic care targets the function of the nerves and vertebrae, this induces an indirect effect on the muscular balance which is a major component of the fibromyalgia syndrome.

The international authorities on fibromyalgia suggest a holistic approach to treat this condition. On top of dealing with the function of nerves and vertebrae, the chiropractor also takes care of the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) in using cold laser technology. In some situations, it is useful to change eating habits and take certain natural supplements to facilitate the reduction of inflammation. A physical activity such as fast walking is recommended 3 or 4 times per week. The holistic natural approach is the best solution to frame this syndrome.

If you have been a victim of fibromyalgia, this global approach is an alternative that you should seriously consider. Medication is not always the best solution.

Find Out How We Can Help

Call our clinic at (514) 694-0303 and ask about the global approach for fibromyalgia. We will want to evaluate the extent of your problems at the level of the vertebrae, nerves and soft tissues in order to establish a differential diagnosis. If you qualify for treatment, a recommended plan of action will be proposed to you in order to improve this chronic condition.

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