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New Patients

Welcome to Dr. Christian Beaudry, DC. We offer a casual, relaxed atmosphere with a friendly, helpful team ready to assist you. The necessary forms are available online. You can download them and send them back or bring them to your appointment completed.

The First Visit

Over 45-50 minutes, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Christian Beaudry, DC, an examination and have X-rays (if necessary) taken. Then, time is required to review your results, so we’ll schedule you for a follow-up.

The Second Visit

When you return, you’ll have a report of findings from Dr. Beaudry, DC which takes 20-25 minutes. If the Doctor can help he will tell you and you’ll receive all appropriate recommendations as well as your first chiropractic adjustment.

Regular Visits

You’ll receive your adjustment and be on your way within 8-10 minutes.

After your initial intensive phase of care is completed, your family can take advantage of a yearly plan. Contact our Beaconsfield office today to find out more!

New Patient Centre – (514) 694-0303